Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam – Blackout Cowboy (2018)

sunshine frisbee laserbeam blackout cowboy album cover
Image courtesy of Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam is a rock band from Birmingham, UK.  It consists of Andrew Bullock, Ralph Morton, Pete Dixon, David Bentall and Junior Elvis Washington Laidley.  Their new album Blackout Cowboy is out November 9th via By The Time It Gets Dark Records.

The album kicks off with the track ‘Running From The Ghost’ starts with vocals and a drum beat.  The lyrics are about fear of rejection and a horrible childhood.  The bass line is strong, the guitar riffs are really good, and the lyrics are very catchy.  The track ‘All The Way Over The Edge’ starts with epic guitar riffs, then the drums kick in, and it’s a heavy rock sound which is amazing.  The vocals are brilliant.  It’s about feeling down and emotional.  The bass and guitar riffs are great, the drumming is very good, and it’s a catchy song.

The track ‘Meatloaf To The Camera’ starts with guitar riffs and drums; the vocals kick in and are amazing.  It has a very catchy chorus, and the lyrics are very good.  The track ‘Adult Memory Oww’ starts with drums and vocals, then the guitar and bass kick in.  The vocals and lyrics are great, the bass line is nice and heavy, the chorus is catchy, and it has a very heavy rock sound.

The track ‘Blackout Cowboy’ starts with starts with guitar riffs, the drumming is amazing, and the bass line is heavy.  There is a part in the song that is very soothing; then it gets heavy again.  The track ‘Mrs JR Hartley’ starts with a guitar riff, then the drums and bass kick in and it’s a heavy rock sound.  The vocals kick in and are amazing; the lyrics are great and catchy.

The track ‘MK Ultra’ starts with guitar riffs; the drums and bass kick in not long after along with the vocals and the lyrics are good.  It has a great rock sound, and I found myself listening to this one on repeat, it’s extremely catchy.  ‘Mind Control’ starts with a chant, guitar riffs and drum beat.  The song kicks in, and it’s a bit softer than the others.  It has some spoken lyrics in it, along with great backing vocals and heavy guitar riffs in the middle of the song.  It, again, has a catchy chorus – this band has a habit of doing that, which no one will complain about.

Overall, the album is a very catchy and great album.  It’s got a mixture of heavy and slightly softer rock songs.  It’s an album worth listening to.  It is available on By The Time It Gets Dark’s Bandcamp.  You can enjoy more Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam on their Facebook and Twitter.

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