Ollie Wade – Stumble (2021)

After running into his ex at a concert, Ollie Wade considers how something can send you back to past pain and memories even though you are on a good path. With his single ‘Stumble’, he works through the emotions this encounter brought up and questions if he missed his ex or the feeling of being in love.

With a mellow and minimal production, the single works as a form of therapy not only for Wade but for anyone listening. It also continues the trend of drawing on personal experiences that we heard in Wade’s single ‘Hero’. Packing a lot of emotions into the track, he will have you thinking about the obstacle you face that send you stumbling back.

‘Stumble’ hits you with some mellow tones from the first moment. There is a melancholy resting in the plucked guitar notes that enhances the intimacy of the music. When the piano lightly enters, it adds a delightful softness and wonder to the music. The melancholy of the opening eases a little as the song progresses. The softness of the music also takes a more delicate turn like twinkling lights that could fracture if you move too quickly. It is a really beautiful melody that takes a more pop turn in the latter half of the single. While there is a swell into the music, it retains the delicate beauty while leading you into the realisation of the lyrics.

Wade’s vocals are vulnerable in the opening as the lyrics set the scene of the encounter that inspired the single. On the chorus, he brings a questioning of his feeling to the fore while whispering against your senses. The lyrics are wonderfully clear and bring the feelings that many people have felt to life. When the melody swings for the crescendo, his performance gets a desperate edge as he tries to understand what he is feeling. When the realisation comes, Wade brings a sense of peace to your heart.

Ollie Wade combines emotive vocals with a beautifully delicate melody to work through emotions and overcome obstacles in ‘Stumble’. The delicacy of the melody is enhanced by the emotive power of Wade’s vocals. The swell of the melody and crescendo fill you with a peaceful realisation that sets your heart at ease.

Find out more about Ollie Wade on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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