Suzan Mutesi – Just That Into You (2020)

If you are in need of a positive force in your life, look no further than Suzan Mutesi. This Australia-based songstress infuses a palpable sense of joy into your veins with her single ‘Just That Into You’. Filled with positive vibes, the single lifts your spirits while offering a strong message through the respectful lyrics.

As she pumps her positive attitude into her music, she fills you with vigour and a thirst for life. While she started out in fashion as a designer, she has seamlessly transitioned into singing and released her first book. Dipping into her own experiences, she fills you with a positive sense of the world and your place in it.

‘Just That Into You’ has a gentle opening with clapping tones that fill you with a relaxed vibe. A pulsing deep synth slowly works its way up from the depths of the melody to combine with these tones for an upbeat vibe. There are traces of dance within the melody that makes you want to move, but this does not overpower the vocals or the easy vibe of the song. There is a fun feeling to the music that has you smiling and feeling a thread of joy working its way into your chest and filling you with light.

Mutesi’s vocal performance has a light touch to it like colours dancing across the water while reflecting the sunlight. The lyrics have a wonderfully positive message in it that comes through in the lively delivery. The chorus is catchy and infused with the dance vibes of the melody. The flow of the vocals has a smooth vigour that dips from melodic to an almost rap later in the track.

Suzan Mutesi fills you with unbridled joy and good vibes in the positive single ‘Just That Into You’. The song has a dance vibe resting in the lower levels that gets you moving while the vocals hit you with a strong message while being easy on the ears.

Find out more about Suzan Mutesi on her Instagram and Spotify.

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