Jay Tennant – Star Chasing (2020)

Jay Tennant is giving us a taste of what his upcoming concept album has to offer with ‘Star Chasing’. Set in the shadowy city underworld of ‘Noxville’, the single takes you on a neon-splashed ride around the futurist cityscape. While traversing the city, the chase is on for the ghosts of classic Hollywood heroines such as Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo.

The single continues the tight-rope walk between beautiful and bleak that Tennant has become known for. Drawing on influences including life experiences and French existential novels, he has created a catchy and dramatic anthem for our times. There are nods to early Richard Ashcroft as well as Bowie and Suede mixed into a sound that is uniquely Tennant.

‘Star Chasing’ sets the travelling vibes of the cityscape with the opening. There is a pace to the guitar that makes you think about a car zipping down the road with the lights flashing in the windows. The melody has a great flow to it that builds up for the chorus and has you moving your head to the beat. There are guitar lines that you can’t stop listening to. The melody has an anthemic feeling that encapsulates a sense of drama and the expansive feeling of the music.

Tennant’s vocals are as catchy and dramatic as the melody. He has a swagger to his performance like he knows he is going to captivate you. The anthemic feeling of the melody continues with his vocals as they soar over you. They act as the neon lights of the city, but his performance is also that feeling of needing to get to your destination.

Jay Tennant takes you on a fictional chase through a cityscape in the dramatic ‘Star Chasing’. Using sonic devices, he creates the feeling of travelling through the city while his vocals captivate you.

Find out more about Jay Tennant on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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