Swimmers – SWM (2021)

Swimmers are bringing a sense of maturity with their second single ‘SWM’. While keeping their enthralling synth infusion, the duo combines it with ethereal vocals for a new take on futuristic aesthetics. Through the flow of the single, they place you in a trance as the vocals wash over you and draw you ever deeper into their shimmer world.

This cascade of enthralling synth tones comes from Luis Correia and Rosalee O’Connell who started this musical project while on lockdown in different countries. Their inspiration came from their emotional states at the time and a desire to help others with what they were feeling. Together, they lifted people’s spirits with their debut single only to sweep you into a lush groove with this track.

‘SWM’ comes at you from two fronts in the opening. The deep beat vibrates in your chest while the synths shimmer and hum from above. This layered melodic approach continues throughout the track and only seems to become richer as the song progresses. On the chorus, you are buoyed on a gentle swell of synths while the beats get a heartbeat vibe to them. The flow of the melody easily mesmerises you and makes you want to close your eyes as you sink into the track. There is a slight swing in the melody later in the single before you are thrown back into the richness.

O’Connell’s vocals are an airy mist that lightly touches your face as she winds through the lush soundscape. There is a touch of breathiness to her performance that offers a gentle touch against the deep beats. Her high tones complement the synths as they skip across the beats. Her vocals offer an uplifting message through the lyrics as she calls out to kiss and make up. There is a hopeful feeling to her voice as she fills you with a sense that any problems in a relationship can be worked out.

Swimmers use a multi-layered synth-driven melody to capture your senses before the vocals mist over you in ‘SWM’. This track has a mesmerising melody that is rich and textured while being easy to sink into. Skipping over the deeper tones of the melody are the vocals which are a light touch against your ears as the lyrics fill you with hope.

Find out more about Swimmers on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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