Mykel – RUNNERS (2021)

Mykel is starting the year strong with her single ‘RUNNERS’. Looking to hit the new year with a variety of different sounds and styles, she uses her first single of the year to introduce this. With an alternative-pop soundscape, she offers an inclusive message with a big sound that you are easily swept up in. As you are caught in the current of her music, she fills you with emotional authenticity.

Her brand of authentic and heartfelt music has led to her being seen and heard in TV and film from Vanderpump Rules to several Lifetime Original Movies. She has also toured with theatrical companies and Jazz Superbands. If you are a first-time listener, you will get lost in her sound and wait with bated breath for her next release.

The piano line that opens ‘RUNNERS’ effortlessly draws you in with an almost RnB flow. This line is lightly covered by clicking tones and shimmering notes for some musical depth. The easy flow of the music builds through the verses for a burst of power on the chorus. On the chorus, you are propelled forward by an explosion of music and beats that really shake you up. This all drops for the smooth verses. The rise and fall of the melody offers a big sound that is enhanced by the power of the vocals. It also catches you in the current of the music which is undeniable.

Mykel’s vocals are a powerful layer over the melody. On the verses, she has a sultry tone to her voice which matches the melody in building power. When the chorus hits, her voice sends you soaring while filling you with a sense of power. As the song progresses, her voice just gets more powerful as she pulls you into the emotionally authentic lyrics. Through the lyrics, you feel a connection with Mykel and that she understands you on a deep level.

Mykel uses a combination of easy flows and big sounds to capture your attention before her vocals send you soaring on waves of power in ‘RUNNERS’. A strong start to the year, the single will have you listening to it on repeat just to get that boost of power that you might need. This song should definitely be part of any power playlist you have.

Find out more about Mykel on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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