Hunter Adams – One More Night (2020)

After 2-years of personal struggles, Hunter Adams is slowly finding her way through music again. While navigating her path, she found ‘One More Night’, a song she wrote a while ago when she was in an honest and innocent place. Combining these emotions with an overall feeling of optimism, her latest release is just what many people need right now.

The single was recorded in Adams’ home studio with her on vocals and guitar. She roped her friend Astrid in for the drums and bass as well as the mixing. Together they have created a single that you will want to share with others to help spread the positive vibes.

The gentle acoustic guitar opening draws you into ‘One More Night’. The vocals have a raw tone to them alongside an honesty that is enthralling to listen to. Adams is able to imbue the lyrics with the innocence of the time when the song was written. The lyrics of the track ask whether you are in love with this wonderful naivety. As she asks this question, her vocals soar and create a catchy chorus.

Beneath the innocent yet powerful performance, the melody of the track start gently then builds with the addition of the drumline. The first drum beats are soft and gentle matching the vocals and guitar before gaining some momentum. Together with the guitar, they create a melody steeped in the optimism and innocence of the song.

After 2 years, Hunter Adams is back with the sincere and pure ‘One More Night’. The optimism and nativity in both the lyrics and melody are highlighted by her light yet powerful vocal performance. While this song has been sitting around, I am glad it finally made it out to all of us.

Find out more about Hunter Adams on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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