sydneyunicorns – Season One (2022)

Described by YMX music blog as “ethereal and otherworldly”, US-based singer-songwriter has a way of ensnaring your senses in a soul-stirring way. The brainchild of Sydney Angel, sydneyunicorns is a classically trained musician expressing intimate emotions in a genre-defying way. Along with various other notable publications, such as YMX, Sinusoidal Music and York Calling, she is capturing our attention at a head-spinning rate. Come with us as we gander at one of her more recent singles, ‘Season One’.

Following her pop-infused track ‘The Crown’ (read our review here), sydneyunicorns adopts a smoother, more soothing approach in ‘Season One’. Not necessarily considered acoustic, but with a simplistic choral orchestration belying sydneyunicorns’ haunting vocals one might consider an acoustic-inspired tinge to ‘Season One’. What I do find intriguing is how the ballad is both chilling and warm at the same time. The warmth of the orchestra harmonically belies the heart-aching vocal execution. It is this harmonic arrangement that enhances the surreal ambience in its minimalistic soundscape.

Yes, the melodic arrangement stands out on its own and can captivate you with the kaleidoscopic instrumentation; however, it is the lyrical content of ‘Season One’ that enhances its poignancy. Known for intimate intensity in her songs, sydneyunicorns uses a personal narrative to touch on feelings of vulnerability in this track. In her haunting way, she connects with listeners by exploring the fragility of human souls. An exposition of human complexity is heard, but there is a kindness within the song as sydneyunicorns hopes for people to see and feel parts of themselves in her creative work.

Filled with sincerity, sentimentality, honesty and genuineness, sydneyunicorns song ‘Season One’ is all-encompassing. It slithers through your ears, rocks about your cranium, sends chills down your spine and leaves you gasping for breath…but in a good way.

For more from sydneyunicorns check out her official website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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