John Tocco – Did You Mean It? (2020)

Are you looking for a song where a liar gets a taste of their own medicine from their partner? If this is your current niche, John Tocco has your back with his single ‘Did You Mean It?’. Told from the perspective of the liar, they realise they have been forgiven, but that their lover was guilty of the same. Using a retro feel and combining elements of dance, modern funk and disco, you are taken into the heart of this moment.

While Tocco has been an active part of the music community for a number of years, 2020 marked the start of his independent career. This single is part of his The Singles Project where he releases a new single each month for the next year. The culmination of which will be a full-length second album.

‘Did You Mean It?’ has these funky retro notes that pluck at your ears in the opening to grab your attention. This flows into a toe-tapping melody that you can’t help but move to. The rhythm of the melody does have a retro feel to it, but there is also something modern resting in the lower levels. The guitar riffs are wonderful as they flow through you and send you soaring into the soundscape. The upbeat vibes of the song is a contrast to the lyrics.

Tocco’s vocals have this wonderful pitch that makes you smile as you listen. Through his performance, you feel the emotions of the liar from the happiness that they are forgiven to the realisation that they too have been lied to. The interplay between the lead and backing vocals offers a call and response vibe to the song that works so well with the messaging.

John Tocco uses a fun retro melody and emotive vocals to tell the story of a liar getting a taste of their own medicine in ‘Did You Mean It?’. The retro vibes of the melody are fun to listen to and get you moving to the rhythm. Tocco’s vocals add to the flow of the single while taking you through the emotions of the lyrics.

Find out more about John Tocco on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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