SYKE – Waste My Time (2021)

There are times where we all need to listen to a song that offers us a support system and encourages us to just be ourselves. This is exactly what SYKE does with her single ‘Waste My Time’ getting you dancing around to the rhythm while feeling strong. Bringing lush retro tones to contemporary vocals, the fun vibes never stop as she has us shrugging off the judgement of others and unapologetically embracing who we really are.

With a sound that goes beyond music and turns into pure empowerment, freedom and love, SYKE puts a completely new twist on fem-pop. Drawing on a lifetime of musical experience having started performing in productions at age 4, SYKE combines her powerful vocals with lush soundscapes. Embracing the wisdom of experiences, she imparts this to listeners while offering a safety net that will catch you if you fall.

‘Waste My Time’ pulses and pushes against your ears with lush synth tones. These tones burst into retro shards of glitter that rain down on you while making you want to dance. The deep vibrating beat shivers through your veins while the lighter synths pulse and pop through your muscles. There is a great rise in the melody through the verses that leads to a burst of colourful energy in the chorus. There is a lot going on with the synths as new lines zip past your head and join the undulating dance of colours and energy that form the core of the track.

As the synths pulse with light, SYKE’s vocals stand still in the maelstrom of movement. She offers an anchor against the swirl of energy that you can return to when things seem to be too much. This does not mean that she dampens the energetic spirit of the track. Her performance is more a focal point that you can reach out from. As her powerful vocals move through the synth landscape, she builds up your emotions and enhances the dancing vibes of the melody. There is something about her delivery that comforts you while injecting power into your veins.

SYKE fills your veins with pure strength while offering a focal point in a swirling movement of synths and light in ‘Waste My Time’. The melody is a pulsing and popping retro dance of synths that bring colourful energy to your senses and get you moving to their rhythm. Her vocals are powerful as they stand against the dancing synths and offer the strength you need to face the world.

Find out more about SYKE on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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