Blair West – All This To Say (2022)

Since the age of five, US-based songstress Blair West has been writing songs. Following her passion for music, the singer-songwriter immersed herself in music learning to play piano, guitar and even performing in an a-cappella group. Yet, while she showed such a strong musical talent West opted for a career in journalism and marketing when relocating to New York City; however, that passion never went away. Combining her bubbly personality with intimate artistry, West is embracing a solo sonic project with her debut single being ‘All This To Say’.

Featured on various blogs like Couch Mag, Less Than 1000 Followers, Rising Artists Blog, RGM and several playlists, Blair West is building a following on an international scale despite ‘All This To Say’ being her first release. Inspired by Jewel, Taylor Swift and Joni Mitchell, West describes her style as “folk-pop with soul and indie influences”; this is clearly seen in ‘All This To Say’. Soft, smooth and soothing, the melodic arrangement tips you into a bubble of calm amidst the whimsical ambience.

As an acoustic single, there is a simplicity to ‘All This To Say’ highlighting how you do not need any bells and whistles to make something beautiful. The interspersed piano enhances the wistfulness of the track, along with West’s heartfelt, airy vocals. Reminiscent of Jewel, but with the intimacy of Joni Mitchell, the light-heartedness of the song is infused with a significant sentimentality connecting with people on a deeper level. West shares that ‘All This To Say’ is an uplifting ballad looking at how your partner should accept every part of you, not just the pretty pieces.

As charming and beautiful as the singer, Blair West’s ‘All This To Say’ has an intoxicating vibe and will stick in your head for days to come. This young lady is definitely a star in the making and one to watch in 2022.

For more from Blair West check out her official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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