Sylvette – Memories (Falling) (2019)

Sylvette memories (falling) album cover.
Image courtesy of Sylvette

Sylvette is an alternative art-rock band from Manchester, United Kingdom. The members include Charlie Sinclair (guitars and vocals), Ashley Garrod (bass), Pete Leaver (drums), Dan Macfarlane (guitars and keyboard) and Phillippos Rousiamanis (violin). Sylvette draws their artistic influences from bands such as Radiohead, Neutral Milk Hotel as well as Jeff Buckley.

What I find interesting about the band, and what separates them from other art-rock bands, is that they have someone who plays the violin. Most alternative/art-rock bands tend to be more guitar/bass heavy and don’t have violin players. I look at a band such as Palaye Royale, who is also considered an art-rock band. Palaye focuses more on classic rock ‘n’ roll aspects in terms of costumes/attire and bringing it back, whereas Sylvette has a more classic rock sound.

‘Memories (Falling)’ reminds me of music from the late 60s to the mid-70s and bands like The Velvet Underground, The Kinks and Frank Zappa that had a smoother sound while still maintaining some edge. I really like the sound of the guitar strings being plucked. It sounds like an electric guitar, but it doesn’t scream acoustic either. I can close my eyes and imagine the song being recorded. The violin in the background acts more like an undertone, but you can definitely tell it’s present.

I like this song. While I’m a classic rock fan who likes songs that are a little harder in volume, this was a nice change. It was calming; calm isn’t something I associate with alternative or classic rock. The first song that popped into my head when I heard this song was ‘Every Breath You Take’ by Sting. While they’re not completely the same, both melodies have a smooth and soothing tone.

I would recommend this band to anyone who is a fan of Sting, Nirvana, Modest Mouse, Jimi Hendrix or Pavement. Really those who like early-60s, 70s and/or 80s classic rock. If you’re not into extremely loud, hard or edgy music, this band is for you.

In addition to ‘Memories (Falling)’, Sylvette also has a single entitled ‘Lobotomy of Love’, as well as an album called Waiting In The Bliss. Both are available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Check out Sylvette’s Facebook Page to stay up to date with the band.

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