Talia Grace – St. Louis (2020)

Hailing from Los Angeles, Talia Grace started singing in church choirs as a child. Her dream to become a fully-fledged singer-songwriter became a reality around 2017. She has now released her latest single ‘St. Louis’ which was recorded in a home studio in Austin by Taylor J. Webb.

Unrequited love is the basis of ‘St. Louis’ and the inevitable disintegration of this love that was never meant to last. The song takes a look at the realization that no matter how hard you try, some things are never meant to be. It is a topic that many people can relate to.

‘St. Louis’ hooks you with the simple opening full of gentle guitars and deep beats. The melody remains simple for the entire song, but this only enhances the track. Throughout the song, instruments are used to emphasis the lyrics to help tell the story. The blending of the two helps you connect with all aspects of the song.

Grace’s vocals on the track are emotive and easy to listen to. Through compelling lyrics, she is able to lay out the feeling of unrequited love. As the song progresses, she details the realisation that some things are not meant to be regardless of how you feel about it. The track is a full circle of experiences and leaves you with a better understanding of yourself at the end.

Talia Grace takes a deep look at unrequited love in her latest single ‘St. Louis’. The track features an easy melody that highlights the lyrics and vocal performance. Grace creates the picture of this type of love perfectly and hits you with the realisation of how some things are never meant to be.

Find out more about Talia Grace on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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