Keeping It Real (ft. Bob Varo, TJ Roberts, Hybrid Kid and more)

While we’re facing a lot of problems on a sociopolitical front, the artists we bring you are as sweet as ever! Featuring bands like TJ Roberts, Hybrid Kid, Tales of Dhvaras and many more, here’s our latest melting pot of music awesomeness.


Independent music producer and record mixer Bob Varo has had the honour of working with artists like Madeline Rosene, Hellyeah, Jason Hook (Five Finger Death Punch) and Sigala. Trained at the Abbey Road Institute of Amsterdam, Varo gained advanced training in sound engineering and music production. In addition to being a superb producer, Bob Varo has worked as a solo musician for approximately 15 years playing the acoustic and electric guitar. Currently, he is focusing on his own music which includes collaborations with artists from across the globe. The most recent addition to his repertoire is the metal-inspired single ‘Your Last Breath’ featuring vocalist Violetta Collaco.

“‘Your Last Breath’ is above revenge; getting your strengths and confidence back after something or someone sucked all the life out of you. I like writing songs that people can relate to. The songs they can listen to when not feeling their best. I like writing songs that give people the boost they need to face whatever life is throwing at them. Slaying your demons can be very therapeutic so I hope this song will help people get rid of what’s holding them back.” – Bob Varo on ‘Your Last Breath’


In the early nineties, Norwegian metal band Dhvaras played what they referred to as ‘Skogsrock’ or, translated into English, forest-rock. After two decades of dormancy, Tales of Dhvaras are back releasing new music for fans and potential fans. Tales of Dhvaras released their first single ‘Geiranger’ only two and a half months ago, and now they add ‘Let The Snake Devour’ to the portfolio. According to the riff-obsessed powerhouse, this could be their angriest single so far.


Combining his skills as a singer/songwriter with music production, the multi-instrumentalist FRNDS AS CMPNY is sharing music that breaches any genre classification. Fusing styles as far-flung as indie-rock and synth-based pop, this London-based artist is creating melodic tracks with complex lyrics. A follow-up to his debut single ‘White Flag’, FRNDS AS CMPNY released his second single ‘Who Killed Paradise?’

“With all the madness that has been going on in our world for the longest time it demands, ‘what did you do when it was all crumbling in front of you?’ It’s an urgent message that needs to be heard before it’s too late. A message I feel is told over and over throughout history. For me, there’s always a breaking point. This was my chance to write a song speaking to the conscience of whoever cares to listen.” – FRNDS AS CMPNY on ‘Who Killed Paradise?’


If Pavement and David Bowie had a lovechild and it was adopted by The Stooges, that child would be Hybrid Kid. A three-piece indie-rock group from Brighton, Danny (guitar and vocals), Tim (bass) and Mattia (drums) bring an experimental and dynamic edge to the British rock scene. Having performed for several years in different guises in different countries, the trio is back in the UK to release intriguing tunes with kookie riffs and catchy choruses. The most recent release from Hybrid Kid is ‘Close Up’.

“‘Close Up’ starts with a pumping bassline that drills into your head and drums that won’t stop pounding at your door. The whole thing then breaks out into the killer chorus. You’d better open up, Hybrid Kid is coming in!” – Hybrid Kid on ‘Close Up’


Hailing from Cardiff, Tom Roberts, Heather Louise, Gavin Owen and Jasper Gaskin form the pop-rock quartet, TJ Roberts. Influenced greatly by acts like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Elliott Smith, Cate Le Bon and Twin Peaks, TJ Roberts shares a well-constructed, intense and passionate sound. Described by Circuit Sweet as “addictive and wholesome”, the band released their latest single ‘Sinceridipity’ in June 2020.

“‘Sinceridipity’ is a song written in the time-honoured tradition of barely comprehensible nonsense loosely charting the cringe of looking back on the faux (and often misinformed) personas that develop through adolescence.” – TJ Roberts on ‘Sinceridipity’


With passion and flair, Scottish singer/songwriter Grant Kilpatrick is carving out his musical path and breeding his own brand of alternative rock. A sound that is both melodic and angular, the West Lothian artist performs with sincerity and emotion. The latest track from Kilpatrick is ‘Out My Mind’ – an addictive indie-rock tune in the league of Radiohead and Oasis.

“I’m often confused about what to believe nowadays. Whether that’s fake news, social media or the latest fad diet. ‘Out My Mind’ touches on that ‘information overload’ that we’re all feeling right now. Ironically, I’m sure I wrote the lyrics on my phone while also scrolling through Twitter for some inspiration.” – Grant Kilpatrick on ‘Out My Mind’


Born and raised in Florida, Verner Calvin had an insight into the music industry through his glam-rock guitarist father. After graduation, however, Calvin chose to move to Taiwan to study Chinese. It was here that he met his partner Anna, and the two began making music under the name Violet Lens. After three releases with Violet Lens, Calvin began working on a solo project to express himself in his own language. Using melodic, effortless vocals with catchy hooks, the American singer/songwriter is making a name for himself as a solo artist. His debut single is ‘Beauty Queen’.

“A song about the relationship dynamics that play out when someone is insecure about their appearance, ‘Beauty Queen’ follows the story of a partner slowly losing patience after having to constantly reassure their self-conscious lover that they are beautiful. All to the backdrop of vintage, dreamy guitar riffs.” – Verner Calvin on ‘Beauty Queen’


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