Tanya George – Normality (2020)

What is normal? That is the underlying question that Tanya George is addressing in her new single ‘Normality’. Using her powerful range and swelling performance, she takes on societal norms and the concept of normal music. Inspired by the pressure of being normal which is forced on all of us, George is hitting out at these perceptions and makes you question what the basis is for them.

The idea of breaking away from what is normal is not only highlighted in the lyrics of the single. George’s unique vocal looping techniques create something special. Using only her voice, she creates the vocals and melody of the track that gets you going to the beat from the start.

The opening of ‘Normality’ hits you with the versatility of George’s voice as she starts the melody. She creates the deep beat and higher notes through layers of her own vocals in such a way that you will think there are some instruments at first. The layers of her vocals work perfectly together and are so wonderfully different that you can’t help but be amazed. It also adds to the idea behind the single of shedding what society views as normal.

Above her vocal melody, you are hit with her rich singing vocals. The bouncing vocals draw you further into the single and sneak into your brain where they sit for a long time. The lyrics are catchy and you will find yourself singing along. The upbeat vibe of the track is infectious and you can’t help but get into it whether bouncing your head to the beat or singing along.

Tanya George hits you with something special as she questions ‘Normality’ and breaks the shackles of societal norms. Using only her voice, she creates this amazing layered single that not only showcases everything she has to offer but makes you reconsider normal music.

Find out more about Tanya George on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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