The Beat ft Ranking Roger- Walking On The Wrong Side (2016)

The Beat is back, and they are bigger and better than ever.

After 30 years of silence from The Beat, they have made a comeback with tracks that break new ground and hold a new sound than previously heard. For me, their new single, ‘Walking On The Wrong Side’, introduces the album; as well as welcoming the band back to the music industry with open arms.

Ranking Roger features on this song beginning with an upbeat instrumental tune that is carried in its entirety. I was taken aback by the intro as I didn’t have a clue what to expect when listening to this song. It captured me straight away with its combination of reggae and soul music.

The chorus transitions from the verses easily and the same instrumentals are pulled through as well. The elements of music heard in this song show that this band know exactly what they are doing and how to grab the attention of listeners. The track ends on a note that makes it seem like the band doesn’t want to stop singing and I was left feeling wanting more.

When listening to the band’s older songs, it became apparent that on ‘Walking On The Wrong Side’ they have incorporated their original sound and moulded it to fit in with contemporary music. I didn’t know what to expect when I listened to this song as I wasn’t alive during the band’s golden ages. I have to say if this song is any indication of what the rest of the album will be like The Beat have a new fan coming their way.


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