The Bittersweets – Survivor (2021)

Weaving elements of pop and rock through a folk-filled tapestry, The Bittersweets have an ethereal and obscure sound. A US-based duo, life and musical partners Chris and Hannah Meyers have been described by Boston Globe as having “…a delicious knack for simultaneously rocking out and whispering in our ears.” With several years of making music, The Bittersweets has featured on several online radios, supporting established acts and writing music for television programmes. One of the most recent releases from the Nashville-based pair is the single ‘Survivor’.

Following their cinematic single, ‘We Are Not Well’ (read our review here), The Bittersweets continue to explore profound concepts with ‘Survivor’. After over a year of uncertainty and frustration due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the duo chose to write a positive song inspiring hope in people across the globe. Technically, the track was penned as something to celebrate the 2021 Summer Olympics but, over time, it evolved into a greater anthem promoting empowerment, hopefulness and optimism. Oddly enough, the evolution of ‘Survivor’ became so in-depth that it focused on issues like addiction, trafficking and females dealing with several life challenges.

Adopting an acoustic-inspired sound, ‘Survivor’ has a beautiful simplicity in its piano-driven soundscape. Hannah Meyers once again finds the line between ethereal haunting and soothing childlike innocence in her dulcet tones. Yet, while the track opens with a flowing melody and light vocals, it crescendos to a harder-hitting and forceful pop sound. What I find intriguing about this is how the melody harmonically aligns with the empowerment theme and represents perseverance, dedication and passionate endings.

Definitely more of a “feel song” than a “described song”, the full impact of ‘Survivor’ is best felt when listening to the emotive track. In fact, The Bittersweets’ enthusiasm and heart-lifting music is best felt when listening to their releases. Don’t get me wrong, I’m honoured to have reviewed ‘Survivor’ but leaning back and playing it repeatedly sparks joy for me.

For more from The Bittersweets check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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