Mackenzie Day – Good Girl (2020)

If you are looking for a single that is empowering while full of raw honesty, ‘Good Girl’ by Mackenzie Day might just be what you want. The song looks at taking back power after a toxic relationship, but her dynamic musicality transcends this situation. Combining delicate notes with cool beats, she hypnotises you and builds you up to feel better than you thought possible.

Her musical creativity has been honed from a young age. She started writing her first songs at 12 and is currently a songwriting major at Berklee College of Music. Taking inspiration from a range of artists, her striking artistry is alluring and relatable as she focuses on vulnerability and hope.

‘Good Girl’ opens with this soul tone and these shuffling RnB beats. These notes continue throughout the track making you want to sway to the music. There are these deeper notes that come through on the chorus that sway around your ears adding a new edge to the melody. There is something groovy about this single that is enhanced by the jazzy quality of Day’s vocals.

While jazzy, her vocals have this sultry tone to them that you can’t help but be drawn into. There is an effortlessness to her performance that soars for the chorus before dropping to an intimate tone for the verses. Lyrically, this single is catchy with a chorus that is easy to get into and sing along to. The lyrics also carry an empowering message that will leave you feeling better about yourself.

If you are looking for some jazzy, RnB empowerment, ‘Good Girl’ by Mackenzie Day is the song you need. Her jazzy vocals drive the empowering message of the lyrics while offering a raw emotion that is often hard to find. The combination of different musical styles is skilfully accomplished for a polished track.

Find out more about Mackenzie Day on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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