The Covasettes – It’s Always Sunny Above The Clouds (2019)

The Covasettes are an alternative/indie/rock band from Manchester, England. On July 9th they released their debut EP titled It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds. The five-piece is made up of Chris Buxton (lead vocals/guitar), Matt Hewlett (lead guitar/vocals), Matt Buckley (drums/percussion), and Jamie McIntyre (bass/vocals). Whether it’s a drive to the beach or a backyard barbeque, this EP is the perfect addition to any summertime playlist. 

Since arriving on the scene in 2017, the band has spent their time touring with established bands, such as The Sherlocks and The Hara. Since then they’ve been accredited as one of the main players in the DIY indie scene by CEG Records. In addition to the support by labels and other popular scene bands, The Covasettes have also received radio airtime from BBC Radio Manchester.

It wasn’t until I heard the EP for maybe the fifth or sixth time did I pick up on this. I know the more often you listen to something the more familiar it’ll become, but it’s as if I’d specifically heard ‘Twit Twoo’ and ‘You & I’ before. 

The Covasettes’ style of music reminds me of a United States band called Mainland. Besides both being part of the indie/alternative-rock genre, there are quite a few common threads between the two bands. While no two bands are exactly the same, these two are so close without being exactly alike. The melodic and upbeat tempo, or just that both bands use similar instruments in the same way. Whatever the reason may be, they’re so close that it’s almost uncanny how similar their sound is.

Overall, I really enjoyed the upbeat tempo, summertime vibrancy and contrast with sound. I highly recommend giving this EP a listen as it will surely put you in a dancing and happy mood. It’s a nice way to kick off the warm weather and day. 

I really enjoyed listening to this album. My initial thought was that I couldn’t help but notice a sense of familiarity. Almost like I’ve heard these songs before. While it’s possible I’ve heard it on the radio, it isn’t that likely. It sounds similar to the genre of music that might be on a coffee shop playlist or even something I could’ve heard at work. 

If you’re an indie-rock fan or listen to bands such as Mainland, Only The Poets, Oddity Road, The Hara, Indigo Violet, or Only Sun you will surely enjoy this album. 

In addition to having their first EP under their belt, The Covasettes have released five additional singles. All singles and their latest EP are now available for streaming on Spotify. For music, updates, tour announcements and news on the band you can follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and their website

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