Tadhg Daly – Stuck In The Middle (2019)

Jersey-born alternative artist Tadhg Daly has released a new single called ‘Stuck In The Middle’. He has made his mark within the London independent scene playing sold-out shows in London and hugely successful shows in Berlin. His new single is out now via Wild Way Records.

The track kicks off with with a steady beat and vocals. He sings about someone he loves and misses. He sings about how he stayed awake to kiss her and how she played games with him, but he still misses her dearly and doesn’t know how he could carry on. It sounds like an incredibly heartfelt song and the lyrics mean a lot to him. The beat is steady, the bass line is excellent, and the guitar work is fantastic.

‘Stuck In The Middle’ has a very similar sound to the band Fun. It has a very poppy soft-rock sound with a catchy chorus, as well as great keyboards in the background that mesh well with the song. Great summer feels.

Overall, I think this track has the potential to be a summer hit. The music meshes well together, and the vocals are great. The single is out now on Spotify.

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