The Creepshow – The Devil’s Son (2013)

Grisly goings on await us with this new offering from The Creepshow, a cracking psychobilly band from Canada who base their music around horror films.  A typically macabre setting and rocking instrumentals create a scary trip for the viewer.  Discretion is advised: You will be repulsed yet aroused by the following content.

A blast of music, a crackle of guitar lickings, and our beautiful psychopath is presented to us.  She allows us a few seconds of bliss as we are privileged to watch her prepare for the nasties that await us in the video, liberally applying nail varnish and imbibing a cigarette with sultry smoky fervert aplomb.  Then the music gets into swing, with the band taking us on a ride  with a groove and a pleasure through their enjoyment of the song.  Our protagon-esse applies more make-up to showcase her glorified features, and we are lulled into a false sense of security as she sets about her evil intent, all the while the band playing with a smudged focus and an ethereal zeal.

But wait, her appearance appears to be overshadowing a dark motive.  A man awaits our mistress in the bathtub.  He is bleeding, a bloody handprint following him down the shower curtain in a typically Hitchcock-ian fashion.  As she walks around her apartment, more of her gruesome doings become apparent: a body in the fridge, covered in offal detritus;  a plastic wrapped corpse is served a bloody-cooked steak at an emaciated dining table.  All the while our antagony aunt is caressing a classic Shure 55 grille mic and singing with a cheeky glint in her eye.  The rest of the band dance around their respective instruments, getting into the riffs and beats and helping add a black humour to the dark matter present in the video.

As our anti-heroine concludes her grim story, we are left with a lasting impression of grooving psychobilly and lurid glory.  A perfect video to accompany the most ghoulish of holidays, use this as a basis for your Hallows Eve shenanigans.  Fun, frightening and funky, let the fear into your conscious as The Creepshow conduct your nightmares.  Boo!

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