Crystalyne – Secret (2013)


Following the release of their debut EP Navigate last summer, Toronto-based pop rockers Crystalyne have recently had a drastic increase in their profile after lead singer Marissa Dattoli uploaded a piano led cover of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ to the band’s YouTube page.  It was nominated for ‘Best Cover’ by super-celeb Ryan Seacrest.  The band soon strategically began the campaign for their second EP The Remedy (through the direct-to-fan music platform, PledgeMusic) with their new single ‘Secret’.

“Don’t you go telling everyone that you know, you’re my Secret and we should keep it” Dattoli sings over a gliding guitar that may have sat comfortably within the track list of a “Hey Monday” album.  With its soft vocals and on point harmonies, intelligently straight forward lyrics and infectiously catchy chorus melody, the song has a certain charm to it and could potentially be the start of something big for these fresh-faced pop rock progenies.  I, personally, will be looking forward to hearing the new EP.

The video comes off as a hybrid of All American Rejects’ own ‘Dirty Little Secret’ and Ke$ha’s ‘Take It Off’ as fans hold small cards to the camera confessing their biggest secret.  The band are strafed with colourful dust bombs while they perform the track, until the clip comes to a close with each member making their own confessions, including Marissa’s wish to become the flawless super heroine that is Sailor Moon.



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