The Daily Spreadsheets – Sun Towards Me (2021)

The brainchild of Brazilian musician Henrique Neves, The Daily Spreadsheets is a combination of indie-rock, pop-rock and Britpop. Influenced by bands like The Beatles, Neves brings rock of yesteryear to the 21st century. Featured on notable blogs RGM, Hot Lunch Music and several playlists, The Daily Spreadsheets is reaching audiences on a global scale. One of the latest releases from this artist is the single ‘Sun Towards Me’.

Following his well-received single ‘I Walk Alone’, ‘Sun Towards Me’ has a strong hint of Dodgy and Supergrass in the flowing melody. Combining pounding drums with powerful guitars, The Daily Spreadsheets throws you into a rock-filled swirl of sound…but a good swirl. Having written songs since the age of 14, one would imagine Neves to have defined his sound; however, he showcases a constant evolution honing a distinct and genre-defying style. Catchy and infectious, he seems to captivate one’s senses with ‘Sun Towards Me’.

While the melody is soothing, it is Neves’ strong vocals that win me over. The pitch-perfect textures and superb layering allows you to hear a prominence in the vocals but still part of the evocative tune (does that make sense?). Think of a chocolate chip ice cream cone where the vocals are the chocolate chip holding its own but still part of the overall ice cream. Perhaps the ice cream analogy is apt considering ‘Sun Towards Me’ has a smooth flavour about it.

Smile-inducing, infectious and captivating, we have to agree with Xune Mag when they describe ‘Sun Towards Me’ as “three and a half minutes of sheer joy designed to get you into the groove”. The Daily Spreadsheets is definitely a gem and is potentially my favourite artist of the summer.

For more from The Daily Spreadsheets check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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