The Fallen Electric – Move to the Sound (2022)

With a blast of 90s rock energy, The Fallen Electric bring the positive vibes we all need with ‘Move to the Sound’. If you are looking for a new song to move to while being swept up in blistering guitars and energetic rock sounds, this is the single for you. Throughout the track, the band members each get a chance to showcase their musicality for a fresh take on an old sound.

The ideal track for sitting back to have a drink with friends, there is a sunny day vibe to the music that lifts your spirits. The accompanying music video draws on retro 90s vibes for the visuals, adding to the overall feeling of the track. With their lively sound, Jimmy Ganzer (vocals, guitar), Joe Carrillo (guitar, vocals), Drew Barber (bass, vocals) and Charles Weetly (drums) will have you getting down to their sound without any effort.

‘Move to the Sound’ tosses you into a catchy guitar line with a driving drumline resting under it. The melody is packed with an infectious energy that makes you want to rock out to the sound. There is a warm vibe woven into the energy of the track that makes you think of endless sunny days spent having a blast with friends. While there is a 90s rock blast to the sound, this is tempered with something a little more modern and purely The Fallen Electric. There is not a second of the melody that doesn’t make you want to move to the music, whether it is bopping your head or air-drumming along.

As you rock out to the melody, the vocals slide across your skin like cool water on heated skin. Ganzer’s vocals are extremely smooth as they slip across the guitar line and bring the good vibes of the track. The lyrical structure draws on 90s rock, taking you back in time while filling your senses with the story of the track. Every element of the single adds a new energy to an old-school sound that makes the track extremely engaging. The sunny vibes woven into each word makes you want to blast the track while you have friends over.

The Fallen Electric brings some 90s energy to ‘Move to the Sound’, only to wrap it in something a little modern that really has you rocking out. The melody is packed with engaging guitar lines and beats that make you want to air drum to their sound. The vocals are a smooth and cool slide against the instruments, bringing a sunny vibe to the track.

Find out more about The Fallen Electric on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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