QUANTUM – ABSOLUT [A Brief Story of Life’s Unspoken Truths] (2022)

Through their single ‘ABSOLUT [A Brief Story of Life’s Unspoken Truths]’, QUANTUM takes listeners on an epic musical journey. A single that is packed with big choruses, orchestral tones, epic drums and theatrical flair, it easily transports you to another plane of existence. With limitless energy, the music has you moving, while feeling a touch of awe at the multiple facets that come together to create the melodic movement.

Bringing a sense of positive melancholy, the single continues the band’s look at finding your place in the world. Avoiding all genre pigeonholes, the 5-piece band packs serious emotional hits into their music. Their unique sound, which brings diversity, life and cheer together has seen them place third at the SPH Music Masters.

‘ABSOLUT [A Brief Story of Life’s Unspoken Truths]’ uses the tone of dripping water to get your attention. These drops ripple out into a golden shimmer of delicate tones that swell and bring a gentle touch to the melody. Beneath these gentle tones is a pulse of darker tones that start to rise and tumble into a melodic metal flow. These tones rise into a paced movement that shakes you up and gets your heart racing. There is a drop to the music that allows those gentle water drops from the opening to come back. Deep beats vibrate out of the lower levels, bringing a really theatrical feel to the melody, as it reaches out with an epic feeling. The dynamic movement of the melody is amazing as it draws diverse melodic elements together for a gentle, intense and epic soundscape. This is made even better by the later stomping blast that meets the vocals for a rallying cry.

While the melody is an amazing merger of tones and melodic facets, the vocals take everything to another level as they crash and slide through various styles. The opening vocal line is incredibly delicate and feels like it would break apart if you touched it too hard. The light humming slides into a slightly growling tone that is all rock goodness. This vocal line starts the journey of the lyrics, while the overlapping vocal line taps you on the shoulder, before shoving you into the rap movement. The interplay between the rock vocals and the rap is amazing as they layer and build on each other. As the music gets your heart racing, the blistering rap vocals really shake you up. The melodic vocals rise up with an almost ethereal touch to meet the rap again. When the stomping blast of instrumentation hits, the vocals shout out with a rallying cry that you want to shout out with.

Quantum showcase the power of their musicality through the dynamic melodics and overlapping vocals that rise to a rally cry in ‘ABSOLUT [A Brief Story of Life’s Unspoken Truths]’. The music and vocals rise from a delicate beginning and shove you into the heart racing tones of rap. The interplay between the different elements in the single is amazing and will have you undoubtedly hooked to their band’s music.

Find out more about Quantum on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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