The Ghibertins – In Your Arms (2021)

If you are in need of a song that embraces you like a warm hug, The Ghibertins have just what you are looking for. The aptly titled ‘In Your arms’ folds you into a warm soundscape while filling you with the serenity of feeling loved and fulfilled even though you have made mistakes in the past. From their upcoming concept album, the single places you in the protagonist’s sixties and offers the reassurance that many people desire.

While on the opposite end to their last release, the two work together to have you excited for the album as a whole. The journey through life that is the album comes from Alessio Hofmann (vocals, acoustic guitar), Lorenzo Rivabella (electric guitar), Lorenzo Di Blasi (keys), Marco Vaghi (drums) and Luca Losio (bass). After forming in 2017, the band has been met with a seriously positive response to their debut album and subsequent releases.

The sweeping opening drum of ‘In Your Arms’ combines with the acoustic guitar for a wonderfully epic feeling. There is an expansive feeling to the melody that has your senses flying out into the world. This has been tempered by the warmth of the instrumentation that really does wrap around you like a friendly hug or a cosy blanket on a cold day. The melody has a beautiful depth that shines with the strings that complement the folk movement of the acoustic guitar. Through all the melodic movements, there is a dancing feeling that fills you with a happiness and contentedness that is just what we all need right now.

Hofmann’s vocals enhance the warmth of the single as they rest in your chest like a glowing ember of affection. His voice has a slight rasp to it that plays off the smooth folk tones of the melody perfectly. Through his performance, you get a touch of reminiscence pair with the satisfaction of a life well-lived. The humming backing vocals make you smile while the lyrics are touching. The scratchy growl that comes close to the end of the track is utter perfection and works so well with the folk-rock blast in the melody.

The Ghibertins embrace you in a warm hug while filling you with happiness and serenity through ‘In Your Arms’. There is a great depth to the melody that shines with folky goodness and a cushioning of layered melodics. The vocals rest like a warm ember in your chest while drawing you into the awesome story of the lyrics.

Find out more about the Ghibertins on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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