Heavyman – Loose Lips (2020)

Heavyman have taken us from torment to woeful protest and are now throwing us into something seemingly a little lighter. Their latest single ‘Loose Lips’ offers humour and ferocity with a hint of eloquence as they poke fun at the false information of the modern world. Packed full of jaunty grooves, the single offers a riddle that you can’t get out of your head.

While the melody is packed with catchy and danceable lines, the lyrics take a different turn. Darker and deeper than the melody makes you think, they offer a dark sense of humour. A darkly fun track, it makes you laugh at those who lap up false information.

The guitar line that opens ‘Loose Lips’ gets your head moving to it before you even realise what has happened. The melody is infectious and fills you with some good vibes. There are these plucky notes that bubble out of the guitar-driven melody adding a splash of fun to the proceedings. The overall flow of the melody offers a fun vibe that sinks into your bones and stays with you for a long time after the single ends. The pounding of the chorus offers a jaunty groovy for you to get down to.

Charlie Yang’s vocals have an amazing flow and hook you further. The infectious nature of the music shines in the vocals as you are thrown into the catchy alternative rock sounds. While his performance pumps you full of infectious energy, the lyrics are a bit tongue in cheek as they make fun of those who take false information seriously. If you are looking for a single that pokes fun at the world of fake news while having an absolute blast, this is the track for you.

Heavyman pump you full of their infectious beats with ‘Loose Lips’, their lively look at fake news and the people who take it seriously. The single has this energy that you cannot shake as it gets pumped straight into your veins.

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