The Good Neighbors – Heat Of The Fire (2018)

Image courtesy of The Good Neighbors

I’ll be honest; I was a bit apprehensive when taking on this submission. It might be because I have not written reviews in a while, or perhaps it’s the fact that I’m faced with a missing ‘u’ in the band name.  C’mon guys, it’s neighbours and not neighbors!  Either way, I felt uncomfortable when placing on my headphones and turning up the SoundCloud link.  I’m happy to say; my discomfort disappeared after the first few chords.

The Good Neighbors (oh, that’s going to annoy me!) are a three-piece alternative rock band from Buffalo, New York.  What I love about most US bands is that you can tell they are from the United States.  It’s a difficult concept to explain, but American alternative rock bands tend to have a fuller, powerful and more encompassing sound.  ‘Heat of the Fire’ is easily identifiable as an American alternative rock song with its way of grabbing your attention and drawing you in.

The band said they wrote ‘Heat of the Fire’ as a lighter release to remind them of good summer memories.  It seems apt then that each time I listen to the track, I picture them performing it at a summer party.  A choppy tune with strong guitar riffs, a notable drumming pattern and a steady bass line, you may find this disconcerting; however, it all comes together quite well with the smooth vocals.  It reminds me slightly of Fall Out Boy during their Infinity On High period, but then again that’s just my ear.

So, my overall opinion of ‘Heat of the Fire’?  Perhaps I am a little biased being a fan of this type of music, but I find this song quite appealing.  It’s light, yet the richness of the instruments and vocals beget a pleasant intensity.  I had not heard of The Good Neighbors before receiving the PR submission, but I’m glad I opened the email; it’s another band to place on my fantasy festival list!

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