Musician of the Month: Sunflower Thieves

Image credit to Lucy Beth Photography

Since the day they met in nursery school, Amy Illingworth and Lily Sturt-Bolshaw knew something special was happening.  Fifteen years ago, the five-year-olds from Belper, Derbyshire formed a bond that would become more than a mere friendship; it was a sisterhood.  Now, the girls are older, potentially wiser, and building a name for themselves as an up-and-coming pop-folk band.

Currently based in Leeds, Sunflower Thieves combine their close harmonies with honest lyrics.  As storytellers, these ladies use their vocal harmonies to share tales of loss, joy, hope and friendship.  You can be drawn in their intimate performances and feel you’ve made a friend in the process.

Sunflower Thieves released their debut EP, Hold The Storm, in February 2017 followed by several festival performances across the UK and even in Germany.  After a busy 2017, Amy and Lily took on 2018 with vigour and released their single, ‘Two Halves’, in September 2018.  Since being joined by a drummer and guitarist, the female front has a bigger and brighter sound for festivals (YNOT, Dot To Dot), acoustic sets, and their own headline shows.

‘Beautiful, just beautiful’ – Dean Jackson, BBC Introducing East Midlands

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