The Last Folk Singer – Living in a World of Silence (2020)

The world is full of social constructs and The Last Folk Singer is here to dissect them. In her latest EP, Living in a World of Silence, she takes on the idea of art, dreaming, equality and happiness. Using her unique combination of music and poetry, she takes you through a kaleidoscope of emotions as she blurs the lines between these art forms.

Camille Barr is the musician behind the music and explores the depth of existence. Intertwining her poetic storytelling with alluring vocal lines, she draws you into her exploration and holds a microscope to life. This EP is a great introduction to her sound and will have you wishing for more.

The EP starts with ‘A Little Gypsy Song’ which was her debut single and came about when she wanted to turn her poetry into songs. The piano line that opens the song has this wonderful depth that makes you think of the cool woods. The strings that rest in the background add an almost ethereal feeling to the melody. Barr’s vocals have a wonderful folk flow to them and you can hear the power in her performance. The balladic nature of the lyrical structure makes you think of older folk songs and sends you soaring into the soundscape.

‘…Because I Was Born a Girl’ draws you in with a guitar line intertwined with strings. The gentle feminist anthem uses Barr’s soft vocal performance to turn your attention to the reality of double standards. There is a raw vulnerability in her performance that touches on every female story. This is a very relatable song that is a perfect reflection on what it is like to be a woman in the modern world. While the single lifts the veil, there is a sense of hope later in the song that fills you with strength.

The piano line comes back for the opening of ‘Time Passing By’. The slow pace of the opening allows you to focus on the lyrics. The flow of the vocals and melody has an almost dreamy vibe to it which the lighter notes of the melody add to. There is a lot going on in the melody of this track that combines to softly draw you into the emotions of the track. Looking at the fast pace of the world, this song gives you a chance to step back and take some time to yourself.

‘Song Four’ has a playful and light piano opening that leads you to melancholic vocals. The interplay between the light piano lines and the sombre vocals is interesting and adds this great depth to the song. Through the lyrics and strings, you are sent to a place of loneliness and isolation. While you are in this place, the flow of the music makes you think about the floating feeling you get when you have not slept enough.

The EP ends with ‘Never-Ending Story’ which was inspired by the documentary Dirty Wars. The song looks at the long history humanity has with war and places this in the context of the rise and fall of empires. There is an expansive feeling to this song like it will transcend everything that came before and soars into eternity. The poetic style of the lyrics is different from the other tracks on the EP as you are filled with a sense of unending darkness.

The Last Folk Singer dissects the world and social constructs with her balladic EP Living in a World of Silence. Each track on the EP focuses on a different aspect of the world from isolation to feminism and the unending link between humanity and war. The combination of melodic elements and Barr’s ethereal vocals will have you falling into the contemplation and examination of life.

Find out more about The Last Folk Singer on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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