Pete Gardiner – Sing From The Heart (2021)

With the intimacy of Bob Dylan and the sheer audacity of Bruce Springsteen, Pete Gardiner is a poet singer with intriguing flair. Melding elements of alternative rock, country, folk and underlying tones of Americana the Northern Irish singer-songwriter has a unique, toe-tapping sound. Touching on issues of celebrity-obsessed culture, vanity, greed, lust and violence, Gardiner is a sonic representation of the 21st century in all its glory. Featured on Yack Magazine, YMX Music Blog, Essentially Pop, Amazing Radio and many other notable sites, Gardiner is building a following across the globe. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is ‘Sing From The Heart’.

Keeping to his reputation for impassioned songs with a cheeky attitude, ‘Sing From The Heart’ is filled with edgy material and moving melodies. Following his well-received single ‘Pick Your Side’ (read our review here), Gardiner moves from upbeat funk to groovy blues in ‘Sing From The Heart’. At the end of his teether, the track touches on the catastrophic state of affairs in this Covid-19 existence and just steps aside. The poetic lyricism dictates his desire to “stop conforming and become an outlaw” just to deal with the messed-up world we live in. It is this combination of powerful lyricism atop a finger-clicking tune that showcases Gardiner’s eclecticism as an artist.

What I find most intriguing about this guitar-driven track is the delicacy of the single. I mean, it is a sonic representation of sticking two fingers up to society as we know it, but there’s elegance within the rugged music. His bold, rich and slightly gruff vocals enhance the sense of frustration but also add a grittiness to ‘Sing From The Heart’.

Overall, a kaleidoscopic track with overwhelmingly powerful emotions, Gardiner captivates you from the first second. It’s like he’s raising an eyebrow with a disdainful smirk oozing cheekiness and sassiness from every pore…but you love it!

For more from Pete Gardiner check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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