The Lowtones – Breaking Out (2021)

The Lowtones worked through loneliness, despair and isolation with their debut EP Lights Out. With their new single ‘Breaking Out’, they are taking a brighter approach with an anthemic sound. Drawing on the isolation and feelings of being trapped from their EP, they look at taking a leap of faith and making the changes that you want.

Through the single, they consider the dark feeling of being trapped in a situation, only to lift the heaviness from your soul as they fill you with the strength to change your circumstances. A taster of what they have to offer for this coming year, the single is a blast of indie rock and post-punk goodness. With a sound that is sure to have you rocking out, they break down the walls that surround us with a rather epic sense of strength and empowerment.

‘Breaking Out’ hits the ground running with a thrumming guitar line that meets the drums to vibrate through your chest. Through the opening, there is a steady feeling to the melody that builds a coil of energy in your chest. When the keys come in, they add this higher layer of sound that gives texture to the steady pulse of the music. While it seems like there should be an explosion of sound to release the coiled energy of the music, the melody continues with its pace. The energy it generates in your soul is the strength that the band offers to help you beak out of your situation, and make the changes you need.

As the music thrums through your senses, the vocals first touch on the dark emotions that come from being stuck in a situation. These emotions are left behind, as the lyrics turn your sight to understanding that you need to get out, and you can break out. The chorus pulses this message into your soul with a very catchy flow. You may just find yourself singing along with the chorus as you feel the urge to turn the volume up. By the end of the track, you are filled with the energy and motivation to break down those walls keeping you in a situation you despise.

The Lowtones provide the strength, energy and motivation to change a situation you feel stuck in with the aptly titled ‘Breaking Out’. The melody thrums energy into your veins that is just waiting to be tapped into and unleashed. The vocals touch on the darkness of being stuck, before flying into a catchy chorus that has you shouting out.

Find out more about The Lowtones on their Instagram and Spotify.

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