Makar – Love and Confusion (2021)

If you need an infusion of positive vibes, Makar are here for you with their single ‘Love and Confusion’. Using a mixture of blues and indie rock, the band offer an eclectic sound that taps into a strangely melancholic sense of optimism. Packed with infectious vibes, they turn up their positive vibes to eleven, while energising listeners with their amazing vocal harmonies.

Started by husband and wife Mark Purnell and Andrea DeAngelis, the band was formed with spontaneous energy. As the married duo started writing their own material, they were joined by Vicente Viray (guitar), Dan Coates (bass) and Jorge Arias (drums). Since coming together as a band, they have received serious recognition with their music video for ‘I Hate My Job’ being played on late night rotation on MTV2.

‘Love and Confusion’ has you bopping around to the sound and the melody from the first note. There is a lovely summer vibe to the music that fills you with good vibes. As you sway and smile to the music, you can feel the stress of the world lifting off your shoulders, whilst soaking up the warmth of the single. The steady upbeat vibes of the music whip past you like the wind, as you ride down the open road with the windows down. The drums that enter later in the track add a beach vibe to the lively music. There is no way you can listen to this melody and not feel lighter after.

While the melody is packed with good vibes and positive energy, the lyrics are slightly different. They move through a swirl of confusion and contradictory energy that is slightly at odds with the carefree energy of the music. The vocals enhance the contrast of music and lyrics as they pick up the warm feeling of the music and swirl in a light touch of dreaminess. While their music often has a bluesy edge, this is lighter in this single, and has been carefully woven into the undertones of the melody. While packed with contrast, the single is mesmerising and catchy, with a chorus that will be stuck in your brain for long after the song has ended.

Makar balances confusion, warm vibes and positive energy through the catchy melodics and contradictory lyrics of ‘Love and Confusion’. The music fills you with good vibes from the first moment as the warm summer sun shines down on you. The vocals carry this positive energy and weave it into lyrics that bring the energy down slightly.

Find out more about Makar on their website, Instagram and Spotify.

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