The Lunar Keys – Oxygen Type (2022)

With ‘Silent Ricochet’, The Lunar Keys brought a wealth of contrasts to our ears before they tapped into the darker side of human emotions in ‘Stop This’. They are now bringing the feeling of impulsiveness to our ears, through the tones of ‘Oxygen Type’. Packed into the track is the impulsive desire to launch into the night and live every moment of that night to the fullest.

While this can leave you feeling high on life, there is also a little disturbing edge that comes with this excitement. The energy of the single has been infused into the performance as the band recorded the track live. As the start of a busy release schedule, this track takes their sound to a new level of engaging rock.

‘Oxygen Type’ fills you with the energy of the single from the first moment. The guitars crash into your senses and start to shake up your insides. The infectious energy vibrates into your muscles, filling you with the energy of the track and the urge to burst out with impulsivity. There is a great vibe to the melody that makes you want to rock out while feeling the high of a night out. As you listen to the music, you will feel the energy of the band coil inside you just waiting to burst out. You are also going to feel the urge to turn the volume up and go crazy to the track. The guitar riff that comes later is an absolute pleasure to hear and perfectly picks up the bursting energy of the track.

While the melody brings the energy of the track and injects it into your veins, it is the vocals that give it direction. There is something about the opening vocal line that beckons you out of your door into the night, to live every moment to the fullest. While there is an undeniable urge to give in to the call of the vocals, there is a darkness that swirls in the low levels that is a hint of caution. Even with this cautious hint, the performance has you rocking out as you ride the high of life. The supernatural touch of the lyrics adds a new dimension to the darkness of the track. As the single progresses, the vocals become more and more infectious, making you want to shout out with them.

The Lunar Keys have you riding the high of life as they pack impulsive energy into your veins and urge you to burst out into the night in ‘Oxygen Type’. From the first note, the single is packed with energy that vibrates into your muscles, waiting to be unleashed. The vocals give the energy some direction, while carrying a dark warning.

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