The Marigolds – Magnetic (2020)

Hailing from the city of Liverpool, most commonly known as the home of The Beatles, springs a brand-new punk rock band – The Marigolds. Don’t be fooled into thinking these guys share the same fragility as the flower after which they are named, they are anything but delicate or fragile. At least, that’s what the energetic performances and ferocious sound suggest. Who knows, the lads may be tough on the outside but a bundle of soft teddy bear-ness on the inside.

If the Sex Pistols were to have a lovechild with The Ramones, but it was raised by Stevie Wonder, then The Marigolds would be it. Finding that beautiful balance between funk and punk, the band has a sound suited for audiences who want to scream but also boogie on down. Formed in 2018, the group focused on gigs to raise a troupe of followers; however, they released their debut single ‘Magnetic’ in May 2020.

Despite the release being in 2020, ‘Magnetic’ was one of the first songs Joe Green (vocals and bass), Joe Morgan (guitar) and Lucas Pidgen (drums) wrote as The Marigolds. What really strikes me about the track is the effortless harmony between Green’s brutal vocals and the funk-filled instrumentation. You don’t have to see the boys perform to feel the power of ‘Magnetic’ coursing through your bones with a funky swagger.

An electric and captivating tune, ‘Magnetic’ is simply…magnetic. If this is their debut recording, I can’t wait to see what The Marigolds have up their sleeves.

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