The Miller Test – Better Than You (2020)

Having performed together for over a decade, The Miller Test is an innovative and engaging fivesome from London, England. While labelled as a synth-based indie-pop/dream-pop group, The Miller Test showcases versatility in sound from Americana to post-punk and indie-rock in their discography. With their reputation for witty lyricism and moving melodies, Mink (vocals, guitar and keys), Emma (vocals), Matt (guitar and keys), Sam (bass and guitar) and Gav (drums and percussion) have received critical acclaim by FV Music Blog, Nexus Music Blog, A&R Factory and many more. The latest addition to their repertoire is the official music video for single ‘Better Than You’.

Released as part of their debut album This Funk Is Political (read our review here), ‘Better Than You’ is a fusion of 1980s pop and contemporary shoegaze. With a strong similarity to Prince, Mink’s velvety vocals are layered atop a soothing electric guitar with some twinges of well-placed synths to build a “flowing effect”. Described by The Miller Test as a “smokily harmonic pop-gospel”, ‘Better Than You’ is melodic and harmonic, but the vocals and instrumentation add a quirky vulnerability in the swirl of sentimental sound.

Unlike many music videos that distract from the sonic experience, The Miller Test merely enhances the poignancy of the track in their official video. Smooth transitions between a dancer, ballet figurine and Mink performing on the piano make it easy on the eyes. Filled with smoky scenes and hazy motions, the video reminds me vaguely of Peter Cetera’s ‘Next Time I Fall In Love’, however, the matching of emotion to visuals is far more evident in ‘Better Than You’. The gracefulness of the ballerina combined with Mink’s soulful “Prince-esque” vocals not only increase the beauty of the track itself but enhance the tenderness of ‘Better Than You’.

For more from The Miller Test check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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