The New America – Going To The Races (Dressed Like A Racist) (2020)

Initiated in 2018, The New America was an Idles cover band playing a few originals during sets; however, the group became so much more in August 2019 pushing them to become the high-powered, badass band they are today. Describing themselves as a “hivemind of scuzzy noise rock”, the Bristol-based foursome are gaining a reputation for insightful, progressive and provocative lyricism entrenched in high-speed punk rock melodies.

Featured on independent blogs like Independent Music News, Surviving The Golden Age and Bristol Music Journey, as well as gaining airtime on BBC Radio Bristol, Duggy Stone Radio and Punk Rock Demo, The New America is making a name for themselves across the globe. ‘Going To The Races (Dressed Like A Racist)’ is their latest and potentially most controversial track to date.

Recorded with producer Nathan Long at Bristol-based J and J Studios and Factory Studios, ‘Going To The Races (Dressed Like A Racist)’ is a well-layered and texture track giving each instrument prominence but working together as a harmonic whole. Reminiscent of iconic punk rock bands The Clash and Sex Pistols, The New America have a hard-hitting, forceful and energetic sound.

“Races is very much focused on the normalisation of violence and the double-think that much of it requires. Institutionalised racism and watching horseracing are two places where the two really come together. It’s considered quite acceptable to vote for a party that withholds support for disadvantaged communities on the groups that it’s ‘just a political opinion’ while knowing it’ll lead to pretty substantial suffering in those communities. Likewise, horseracing is seen as this refined spectacle where the horse and its team are idolised for about 15 minutes and then everyone knows that pony is headed straight for the glue factory afterwards.” – The New America on ‘Going To The Races (Dressed Like A Racist)’

Combining pounding drums and powerful distorted guitars with compelling lyricism, ‘Going To The Races (Dressed Like A Racist)’ demands attention. Dragging their listeners from fantastical indifference to its harsh reality, The New America are pushing an agenda that is not only relevant in modern society but scary. Above the fierce instrumentation, Cam Mulberry’s aggressive and forceful vocals hits you across the face with a backhanded slap. Oddly enough, the vigorous shaking awake has a reassuring quality that someone in this world cares about atrocities which have been normalised.

Emotive, energetic and slightly chaotic, ‘Going To The Races (Dressed Like A Racist)’ will penetrate your brain, reverberate down your spine and leave you trembling…in a good way. Listening to this and their previous tracks, I think I may have found a new punk band to place alongside Sid Vicious and his crew.

For more from The New America check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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