Ten Hands High – Silent (With You) (2020)

Hailing from Leeds, but now based in London, Ten Hands High is a talented foursome who merge genres to create a boundary-breaking sound. After releasing their well-received debut single ‘A Jet’s Pink Trail’ in 2019, the group began building a reputation for engaging performances playing at the Hope and Anchor in Islington and supporting The Clause, Luna Bay and Split Milk Society. Despite being a relatively new band, the group has received over 100,000 plays with over 12,000 monthly listeners.

In 2019, Ten Hands High experienced a “hyper-creative” phase releasing five singles over five months, and this creativity has not subsided. Despite the restrictive effects of Covid-19 lockdowns, the group has released three songs in what they call “Phase 2” of their output. The latest release in 2020 is ‘Silent (With You)’.

Inspired by a scene in Quentin Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction, ‘Silent (With You)’ is a concept track touching on the subject of personal relationships. For most, a love affair is wild and filled with vivacity; however, the most intimate and special connections are formed when you can sit in silence without feeling awkward.

While still a heavily guitar-driven track, ‘Silent (With You)’ moves from an upbeat indie-rock sound to a steady alt-rock style with blues undertones. What I find intriguing about Ten Hands High is their innovativeness as a band emphasising the concept of a track while devising unique approaches to composition and production. In ‘Silent (With You)’, the group effortlessly illustrates the notion of comfortable silences with the slow, smooth and constant pace. Adding distinctive throaty vocals and you have a harmonic melody exuding raw honesty, sincerity and heartwarming sentimentality.

For more from Ten Hands High check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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