The Novus – Man On The Bridge (2020)

Described by The Zine as “Black Sabbath’s art-raged grandchildren”, The Novus is an alt-rock meets post-punk quartet from the West Midlands. One of the most dynamic artists to set foot out of Birmingham, guitarist Thomas Rhodes, bassist Tyla Challenger, drummer Euan Woodman and frontman Connor Hill are embracing a Callow Youth meets The Strokes sound. Very interesting sidenote that might not be relevant: Hill was a member of the youth parliament speaking in the House Of Commons and submitting questions for daily government coronavirus briefings to determine when bands can start gigging safely.

Known for their highly energetic and boisterous live shows, often held in unusual or secret locations, The Novus have built a strong reputation and loyal following. Featured on Radio X and BBC Radio 1 (to name a few stations), the foursome has ensured a foundation in the UK unsigned industry. The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘Man On The Bridge’.

Definitely more upbeat than their previous singles ‘Man On The Bridge’ is a passionate punch in the head. Hill’s accented punk-rock vocals combine well with the heavy drumming and catchy guitar riffs. Lyrically, ‘Man On A Bridge’ is amusing, entertaining and far less sombre than previous tracks. Melodically, it uses a fast and furious approach to hypnotise the listener.

‘Man On The Bridge’ (with the B-Side ‘Castaway’) is The Novus’ second release this year. Moving from the more rock-oriented ‘Frosty’ and ‘Darkness’, this high-paced track is one to have on repeat while you’re jumping about in your bedroom. I have not seen The Novus live, but listening to ‘Man On The Bridge’ I can be certain that the gig would be exhausting – but a good type of exhausting. As The Novus say on their Facebook – “join the noise!”

For more about The Novus, check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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