The Old Revival – Beggars Dime (2020)

A lot of people have felt that they are being left behind in life for a number of reasons. If you are looking for a soundtrack to this feeling, The Old Revival have what you need with ‘Beggars Dime’. The introduction to their album 9 Meals from Anarchy, the track flows with the frustration of feeling left behind. Using a contradiction of frustrated lyrics and a summery melody, the band brings to life things falling apart.

This is a wonderful introduction to the loosely based concept album the band has out. The heart and soul woven into the single captures this huge theme and pulls it into the ethos of the band. Believing that music revives something in us, the band fills you to the brim with emotions both good and bad.

‘Beggars Dime’ hits the ground running with a thumping beat and flying guitar line. The paced melody gets your foot tapping to the beat before the vocals send you soaring. Those beats do not give up and the guitar riffs come and go in the best way. The melody flows from a paced forward momentum to frustration tinged pounding. This combination captures the heart of the single while filling you with a hint of summer feel-good vibes.

The vocals add to the feel-good frustration of the melody. There is a wonderful classic rock feel to the vocals which meld with a soft-rock flow. The frustration hinted at in the melody comes through more in the lyrics and vocals. As the lyrics take a look back on life, there is a sense of things falling apart and a feeling of apathy. However, this is contradicted by the positive vibes and lyrics that encourage you to grab hold of a second chance.

The Old Revival creates the soundtrack of being left behind in life while infusing you with the energy to grab hold of a second chance in ‘Beggars Dime’. Combining a summer feel-good melody with frustrated lyrics, the band is able to infuse the apathy of watching the world move on with the urgency of making a change. All of this is set to a catchy rock sound that will have your foot moving to the beat.

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