Band Spectra – Pillar & The Moon (2021)

The rich synth sounds of ‘Thule’ had us enveloped in Band Spectra’s sound. While the inspiration for their latest single ‘Pillar & The Moon’ is different, their encompassing sound remains the same. Collaborating with UK artist Super 17, they created a single with ambiguous lyrics that are open to different interpretations.

The single was a bit up in the air for a while after Robert (Band Spectra) sent the song to Super 17 in March 2020 and only received vocals band in late 2020. To complete the single, Leo Abrahams was approached to add the soaring emotions of a beautiful guitar line. All the elements come together for a sound that fuses dream pop with downtempo tones.

‘Pillar & The Moon’ has a delicate synth line that opens the single and draws you into the melody. The light touch of the music is like moonlight gently dancing over your skin. Through the delicacy of the music, you are filled with a softness that has a muted feeling to it. You are reminded of the early hours of the morning when the world is silent and you can rest in your thoughts.

This feeling is enhanced by the vocals which are as tender as the music. Super 17’s performance is layered and haunting as it skitters across your brain. The flow of the vocals is like thoughts that drift through your mind in the dark night that evade you when you try and grab at them. The lyrics carry a wonderful ambiguity in them along with soothing poetry. There are a lot of meanings that you can draw from the lyrics which is wonderful as it allows everyone to enjoy the single in their own way.

Band Spectra with Super 17 fill your ears with a delicate soundscape and tender vocals in ‘Pillar & The Moon’. The soft tones of the melody have a wonderful plushness to them that wash over your brain reminiscent of the early hours of the morning. Super 17’s tender vocals add a layer of softness and ambiguity to the single that makes it a joy to listen to.

Find out more about Band Spectra on their Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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