The Others Are Dead, Steve – Get in the Shark (2021)

If you are looking for a melting pot of influences wrapped around punchy melodies and tirades you never knew you needed, you are in the right place. The Others Are Dead, Steve brings what you need with their latest single ‘Get in the Shark’. With a shot of punk and a dose of surf, the band lets out a tirade against sleazy estate agents and wanting to feed them to sharks.

This wonderfully engaging tirade comes from Steve (guitar), Kat (vocals), Ash (guitar), Mark (bass) and Harvey (drums). Forging their sound in the heat of the London gigging scene, they generate a face-melting soundscape that is a touch of grunge, punk, surf and noise. With this single, they touch on everything that annoys many people about estate agents from incompetence to greed.

‘Get in the Shark’ crashes against you from the first guitar line which only gets punchier as the song progresses. The deep bass thrums against your ears as the guitars vibrate through the background. Everything comes together on the chorus for a punk vibe that has you wanting to jump around to the rhythm. Resting in this jumping melody is a light surf feeling that makes you think of parties on the beach. Eschewing the more traditional surf vibes, the track brings the roiling feeling of a stormy ocean to the music which perfectly captures the tumbling tirade of the lyrics.

Kat’s vocals are as engaging as the melody as she smirkingly draws unsuspecting listeners in. As the music pounds for the chorus, her vocals counter with a grungy melodic flow. While the lyrics are a rant against estate agents, there is a really fun edge to them that makes you smile. You can have a lot of fun with this single while getting all your aggression out. While the band created this as a tirade against a certain sector of the population, you can use it to get your emotions out when you feel annoyed with anyone.

The Others are Dead, Steve have you bouncing around to their punchy sounds as they attempt to feed people who annoy them to sharks in ‘Get in the Shark’. The punky grunge melody has an infectious energy that fills you with the need to jump around. The vocals add a smirking edge as you are lured further and further into the band’s sound.

Find out more about The Others are Dead, Steve on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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