David Baron & Donna Lewis – Stones in the River Bed (2020)

Donna Lewis and David Baron are capturing the feeling of missing someone who is in another country in the epic ‘Stones in the River Bed’. Featuring a 40-piece orchestra, the single offers some comfort to those who are separated from their families for any reason. Woven into this is a boost of courage to get through everything you might face without your usual support network.

The single brings together the orchestral arrangement and music composed by Baron and the lyrics written by Lewis. It all came around when feelings of isolation started to creep in and mixed with feeling fortunate to be able to work from home. Lewis and Baron decided to create something beautiful together to soothe others and comfort them in an unprecedented time.

‘Stones in the River Bed’ opens with a depth of sound that gently bubbles against your ears. The rolling piano line is like a creek gentle rolling against stones. The melody swells with richness from the orchestra as the chorus hits. There is a luxurious feeling to the music that sweeps over you and covers you in the warm waters of the sound. There is a very artful swell to the melody that allows you to rest on the rich tones while that gentle piano line continues to pull you forward. The layers of piano and orchestra work together to form a deep melody that is full of relaxing and peaceful vibes. There is an amazing beauty to the music that has your mind resting and your breathing coming easily.

Lewis’ vocals are a whisper against the orchestration of the melody. Her voice shines like a light glinting off the waters of the music. There are moments when her voice comes from behind a veil of haziness only to wrap around your wrists and pull you into the soundscape. Her performance matches the beauty of the melody for a comforting flow. While light, her voice drapes over you like a supportive embrace that fills you with strength and happiness when everything threatens to pull you down.

Donna Lewis and David Baron comfort you and fill you with courage through the beautiful tones of ‘Stones on the River Bed’. The gentle swell of the orchestra complements the light piano line creating a rich soundscape. Through this soundscape, Lewis’ vocals drape over you and pull you through the waters while filling you with the strength you need.

Find out more about Donna Lewis on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

Find out more about David Baron on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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