The Passing Sages – Crisis on the Dancefloor (2022)

The Passing Sages are exploding into our ears with their exciting single ‘Crisis on the Dancefloor’. Roaring with attitude, the six-piece pop band brings a new electronic focus to their high-octane energy. Through the tongue-in-cheek lyrics, they explore a world where people don’t want to dance anymore. While packed with the notion of not dancing, the music will get you moving to their rhythm before you realise what has happened.

Hailed as funk fusion pioneers by Heard Not Herd, the band brings a punch to their sound as they mix pop with funk and rap. This fusion sound may be linked to the different musical tastes of Carrie Forgan (vocals), Holly Clark (vocals), Nic Holson (guitar), Mr Clyne (bass), Daniel Keay (keys) and Sean Priestley (drums). Coming together to form this project in 2017, they spent a year crafting their musical style before the vocalists joined and took everything to a new level.

There is an intense electronic beat that vibrates through your skull in the opening of ‘Crisis on the Dancefloor’. This beat shakes up your insides and utterly dominates the lower level of the track while the guitars call with a funky slide. As you are shaken up, the music gets you bouncing to the sound and the shuffling tones make your body want to move. The guitars roar to life adding more energy to the music as bright lights flash through your brain. The music is full-on from the first note to the very last. There is no way that you will be able to listen to the merger of funky guitars and dancing deep beats without moving in some way.

While the music takes over your senses, the vocals twirl you around to the sound. The layered vocal approach is great against the intense music. The performance has this bounce that enhances the funky vibes of the single before you are thrown into the punchy rapping. The movement from funky flows to punchy rap and back again is utter perfection and just brings even more energy. Every element of the track vibrates through you with live-wire energy while making you want to dance around like crazy. This is definitely a song you want to turn up and go a little crazy to.

The Passing Sages pump high-octane energy into your veins as they get you dancing around like crazy to the fusion tones of ‘Crisis on the Dancefloor’. The music sucks you in with the domineering beat that flings you into the roaring guitars. The vocals swing from funky slides into punchy rap and back again while adding even more energy to the song.

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