The Pink Diamond Revue – Weird Love (2013)

When taken totally in context, the video and to some extent the music to ‘Weird Love’ may seem a strange package, the former a sort of 60‘s art school backdrop to the latter hypnotic and psychedelic repetitions.  Having seen the band live you realise that the video harks back to a time when, like singles, they were merely a teaser or advert for the band themselves and in the live environment that The Pink Diamond Revue make perfect sense.  The idea of a two piece instrumental band playing music that blends darkwave washes with 50‘s reverb guitar twangs and psychedelic sound effects might sound like a bit of a challenge but believe me it doesn’t take long for it to grow on you, provided you are able to open your mind to the musical possibilities on offer.

In an era when videos seem to have come to have been regarded as works of art in their own right, Weird Love is a revelation.  It is a calling card for the band, an invitation to dive down the rabbit hole into their warped acid trip dreamscape.  It is David Lynch commissioning the music for a Haight Ashbury nightmare.  It is the Doors if they had existed ten years earlier and twenty years later, simultaneously.  It is the sound of a band not realising that there are musical rules to follow and proving that it is in the cracks between the self-imposed generic boundaries that the best music is found.

The greatest compliment I can say about the video is that it made me think about and explore what the band represent, the why and why not’s of their musical journey.  Job done.

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