Britney Spears – Work Bitch (2013)

Britney Spears was never a very talented singer, but I will admit that I was a fan and even own her first two albums. She had a few good songs here and there, however the homoerotic moments with Madonna, 7 minute marriages and bald head was too much tabloid for me to handle. Now Miss Spears has found her way into my life once more with her latest single, ‘Work Bitch’

This is an extremely bewildering track as I am not entirely sure what she wishes to accomplish with the song. The first few verses/choruses/I’m not sure because everything is so repetitive are rather empowering. In fact, you might say this is quite a liberal track with Britney Spears pushing the role of the strong female figure who uses her mind to achieve what she wants rather than her body. The fact that she adds the ‘bitch’ after telling her fans to work for what they want is totally irrelevant.

I feel a tinge of concern when she mentions being the “bad bitch bringing the trouble” and that you should “go call the governor”. Yes, we can interpret this as working so hard that you ensure people notice you, that you are a bad bitch in whatever are you trying to achieve. Yet, I still worry that by instructing people to “go call the police” she may singing about dominating Pleasantville while twerking in a leather corset.

I am really uncertain of this track as I want it to be empowering but am sure I will be disappointed. Despite the tacky British accent she is attempting to pull off, it is an enjoyable song. It is amusing, enlightening and rather motivating considering her fierce instruction to “work bitch!” However, I mourn for today’s youth in that this pop ‘idol’ uses such vulgarity to sell albums, but it seems we are living in an immoral society where sex and slander sells. I wonder if Britney released her Baby, One More Time album today whether it would be as popular as this track will more than likely be?




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