The Rod Moore Band – You Won’t Bring Me Down (2021)

Over the last 18 months, most of us have felt frustrated mixed with sadness and anxiety. This frustration was felt by Rod Moore, the man behind The Rod Moore Band, but instead of giving in, he released a wave of positivity with ‘You Won’t Bring Me Down’. The single offers exactly what it says on the tin and is a strong declaration of intent and strength against a tide of negativity.

Drawing on inspiration from John Carpenter and the music he writes for movies, the single spirals around the cinematic. Using clever lyrics, Rod Moore brings his experience as a musician to our ears with a touch of retro vibes. Since the debut of this solo project, Moore has been capturing the hearts of listeners with his musical themes and tight arrangements.

The deep bass that thumps into you through the opening of ‘You Won’t Bring Me Down’ gets your foot tapping to the beat. There is a cinematic vibe to the opening that effortlessly draws you into the track. The guitars bring a little edge of retro vibes that are as irresistible as the opening line. There is an epic feeling to the melody that keeps you engaged and eager for more. The dip when the vocals come in highlights them before the beats re-emerge and get you seriously vibing to their flow. The richness of the melody is utterly wonderful and sticks with you long after the track has ended. Each instrument brings something to the melody while the guitar riff halfway through is a thing of beauty.

While you could easily get lost in the rich melody, Moore’s vocals scratch an itch you never knew you had. His voice calls to you from across a horizon and beckons you into his story. While he touches on the negativity that we have all felt, his performance rises on the chorus for a defiant stand. The single is really uplifting but hits in a very different way to other uplifting tracks. The richness and textures are pleasurable to hear while sliding under your skin and slowly filling you with the strength to stand against the tide of negativity. The layering of the vocals adds to the epic feeling of the single and makes you want to listen to the song again and again.

The Rod Moore Band swirl a cinematic wonder of rich tones and deep textures into your ears to help fight off negativity with ‘You Won’t Bring Me Down’. The uplifting track slides under your skin and sticks with you for long after you stop listening. Moore’s vocals are smooth and beckon you to step further under his spell.

Find out more about The Rod Moore Band on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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