Nico Prince – D;E;M (2021)

If you are looking for an EP that captures the feeling of a lost soul searching for its place in the world, you are in the right place. This is the tale woven into the three tracks of D;E;M by Nico Prince. Packed with soulful tones with a burst of funk and RnB, the EP delves into dreaming, soul searching and moving forward.

Written as he was riving across the continental United States, the tracks bring a sense of expansiveness to intimacy and soulful contemplations. On a quest to heal the rough edges of the human soul, Prince touches on the ethereal as he brings honesty and authenticity to his work. Recorded in his home office over a weekend, the EP has touches listeners on a personal level and embraces anyone who needs to heal their soul.

‘Newport News’ opens the EP and sets the searching sound of the tracks. The slow build of the opening is like the sun rising as you drive down the open road with the chilly air whipping around you. Prince’s vocals are so smooth as they layer over your senses and slide over the clicking and popping notes of the melody. There is a dreamy feeling to the soundscape that pulls you into an introspective vibe. This works perfectly with the lyrics that swirls with internal thoughts. It is a really immersive single that covers every part of you and draws you into the soft searching vibes.

The next track ‘Hailstorm’ takes a different turn with a deep and heavy beat that gets your head bobbing. The dreaminess of the opening track drops for a modern party vibe that introduces a touch of good times. There is a really good vibe to the track that has you thinking of parties. This is enhanced by the vocals that pulse with energy and propel you forward into the good times. There is a seriously modern vibe to this track that draws heavily on alternative RnB with a rather funky bass.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Reston, Virginia’ that sweeps through your sense with a pure neo-soul wave. The decadent sounds of the melody combine ethereal soul with a dreamy softness and detachment. You can so easily float along to this song and feel the warm embrace of someone you love. The vocals have a blissful sigh to them that soothes parts of your spirit you never knew were on edge. While the single is dreamy and soft, the vocals bring that modern edge to proceedings and the sense of reaching out to someone in order to reconnect. The humming backing vocals add richness to the soundscape for a really delightfully soft feeling that leaves you feeling relaxed and happy.

Nico Prince sweeps through your senses with a decadent soulful wave leaving a trail of soft vibes and soothing energy through his EP D;E;M. Each track has a touch of soul to it with a modern flair that is delightful to listen to. His vocals range from a party burst to ethereal as they search through the soundscape and soothe the rough edges of your soul.

Find out more about Nico Prince on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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