The ROLF – No Peace of Mind (For This Piece of Meat) (2021)

Alienation is something that a lot of people have felt, although it seems to have become more prevalent during the pandemic. This is something The ROLF have picked up on and turned into their single ‘No Peace of Mind (for This Piece of Meat)’. Drawing on how they have personally been feeling, the band unleashes their rock sound infused with emotions and a touch of what they see happening in the world right now.

This look at alienation comes from brothers, Per and Jonn, who are joined by their friend, Bongo. Having grown up together, they each play every instrument on the single, with the first person arriving for rehearsal getting the guitar. Inspired by the art exhibition of Gio Black Peter, the band loved the name of the show more than the art and felt the urge to make a song out of it.

The opening of ‘No Peace of Mind (for This Piece of Meat)’ has this great, almost bluesy, rock feeling. The music has this amazing ability to grab your attention and puts you completely under the band’s spell. There is a toe-tapping vibe to the melody as it twirls with shadowy tendrils around you. It is an extremely interesting melody that pumps warmth into your veins, while dancing around you with a seductive twirl. Every melodic element comes together for the most enjoyable listening experience possible and instantly lets you know that you are going to listen to this track on repeat.

Against this wonderful melody is a darker blues-rock vocal performance that slides with a whiskey warmth. There is a feeling of separation from the rest of the world woven into the vocals as you feel the endless days of isolation merging together. The lyrics are catchy in their own sombre and subdued way. When the layered vocal backing hits, it adds further depth to the single, while calling out for something to change. There is no part of this track that you can’t love. Everything comes together for a rich tapestry of sound that is utterly perfect, while really showcasing what the band has to offer.

The ROLF place you under their irresistible spell with the blues-rock contemplation of alienation that is ‘No Peace of Mind (for This Piece of Meat)’. The melody and vocals are so rich and warm as they slide against you and cast a spell over you. Each element of the track enhances the others to create a masterful single that is an instant addition to your favourite playlist.

Find out more about The ROLF on their Instagram and Spotify.

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