Allan Corby – Sunshine (2021)

After a 40-year break from the music industry, Allen Corby is back with new music including ‘Sunshine’. As part of his album Love is a Merry-Go-Round, the single was produced by finger-style guitarist Lance Allen. Bringing his amazing folk guitar skills to new ears, Corby blends Americana with soft rock for a single that you can’t help but sink into.

Corby first fell in love with the guitar at the age of 13 and learnt to play folk songs. During the late 60s, he had a radio segment ‘Mr. Guitarman’ where he taught guitar chords to popular songs, which led to him writing his own songs and landing a record deal in 1972. His guitar skills took him to many clubs around New York City and saw him opening for ZZ Top and The Doobie Brothers, before family life took him away from music.

‘Sunshine’ has a gentle folk feel to the melody as the acoustic guitar plucks its way down the soundscape. The drums add this light bounce to the sound that is picked up by the earthy tones of the guitar. There is such a wonderful feeling to the guitar-driven melody that you can’t help but smile and breathe deeply. The title is apt for the track as you can feel the warmth of sunshine in the notes. There is a delicate balance between the vocals and the instrumentation with the guitar, but the acoustic guitar really takes centre stage. The instrumental bridge is an absolute pleasure to listen to and you can feel your muscles relax into the movement. The care and passion Corby has for the instrument are clear as the guitar shines with warm light.

While the guitar is enough to make this single a pleasure to listen to, the vocals add that little something extra. The gentle tones of the music shine in the vocals as they take you back to the heyday of folk music. Through the lyrics, Corby lets you know that there is always sunshine that you can let in, even when everything seems terrible. This makes the track really uplifting and soothes any pains and rough edges in your soul. If you are looking for a song that gently lifts your spirits while showcasing the beauty of an acoustic guitar, this is definitely the one you need to listen to.

Allan Corby lifts your spirits and warms your soul with the tender folky tones of ‘Sunshine’ while showcasing the beautiful power of an acoustic guitar. The tender light of the single is wonderful to listen to as it lightens even the heaviest of loads. If you need a gentle pick me up, this is the song you need to listen to.

Find out more about Allan Corby on his Facebook and Spotify.  

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